Monday, November 3, 2008

Poem : My Shadow

My shadow lurks around me,I see it from dawn to dusk,

I see it in the moonlit nights,I see it whether I like it or not.

I can't escape my shadow,It goes wherever I go,

Is it my flattened body shape?Or is it a reflection of my emotions and response?

I have been carrying my shadow on my shoulders for long,It jumps with joy when I am happy,

It drops its head when I am sad,It is light but I carry it around as heavyweight.

When I am too sad, I can't see my shadow even in bright sunny day,But the shadow calmly follows me consoling me by the day,

When tears roll down my cheeks in sorrow and pain,My shadow soaks up my tears and relieves me of pain.

When I walk with my beloved in bright moonlit nights,Our shadows walk with us reflecting our unity,

When we disagree with each other in the dark nights,Our shadows seem to hide somewhere in disunity.

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