Friday, February 7, 2014

Rose Day History

On the occasion of Rose Day i.e. on 7th February, let’s dig deeper to find out the viable reasons behind the significance of roses in love.

History of red roses

The cultivation of roses which dates back to 35 million years also has been used for various reasons including socialism and symbol of love since time immemorial. Even if you study history of 15th century, you would definitely come across the event of ‘War of the Roses’, during which the red rose was used as the House of Lancaster’s emblem, while the white rose was the emblem for the House of York.

History shows that the red roses had started to be used as symbol of love since Cleopatra days i.e. 30 BC. The incredibly beautiful Cleopatra had created a carpet of red roses to receive Antony to her bedroom.

However, the red roses actually became popular during the Victorian era, as by then people had become quite enthusiastic about these beautiful flowers especially in the color red.

Meanwhile, they had started being used in idioms and verses by the literary giants including Shakespeare and Meer. Since then these flowers have been widely used as romantic symbol and love’s euphoria for which lovers use these flowers to express their feelings till date.

St. Valentine’s Day, love and flowers all became inter-related in 14th century. But 14th February started to be celebrated as lover’s day, especially after Shakespeare composed Hamlet in early 16th century.

Rose Colors and their meanings

1. Red Rose – It stands for love and romance

Right from Cleopatra’s room to Shakespeare’s verses, the red rose has always been related to love and passion. It also means that if any guy is offering you a red rose on Rose Day then he is proposing you for love.

2.Pink Rose - It stands as an expression of gratitude

It is a symbol of grace and elegance and is used as an expression of admiration. So if any guy is gifting you a bouquet of pink roses, either he is thanking you or letting you know that he admires you.

3. Yellow Rose – It stands for friendship and even used as ‘get well soon’ message

The color yellow has been closely associated with sun and yellow roses are excellent way to cheer up someone. This color sends a message of appreciation along-with feelings of joy and delight. As the yellow roses evoke happiness, they stand as symbol for true friendship. So if any guy is offering you a yellow rose, you should accept it humbly as it denotes friendship.

4. White Rose – Purity, Peace and Spirituality

In early tradition, this color of rose was initially used as a symbol of true love, the association of which later on to become the hallmark of the red rose. Since it stands for purity and honesty, it is used in bridal bouquet even today. It also represents unity, virtue and purity of love, so it is traditionally used as wedding lover. While white is still intact in wedding, the flowers are often replaced by lily and lavender as well.

The white roses also stand for honor and reverence and are also used in the memory of any departed loved one.

5. Orange Rose - It stands for desire, passion and enthusiasm

Just like the color of the blazing sun, the orange red indicates desire and enthusiasm. Often symbolized for passion and fervent romance, a bouquet of orange roses should always be carefully accepted.

In some regions, it is indicated as a bridge between friendship and love. The guys usually gift a red rose followed by a yellow and then an orange rose. It purely depends as how your culture is proverbial to this color of expression.

6. Lavender Rose – It stands for enchantment

This unique color of rose has captured many hearts and imaginations and stands as symbol of enchantment. In some parts of the world, this color of rose is used to express love at first sight. So if a guy gifts you this rose then feel yourself lucky enough and even appreciate the guy for his depth research on love and rose day.

With radiant orchid already has been announced as the official color of 2014, the lavender rose is a personal favorite of Fashion lady this Rose Day.

Happy Rose Day!!

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